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A Comprehensive Curriculum with a Unique Christian Perspective

Oak Arbor School’s comprehensive curriculum emphasizes the core academic subjects as well as a unique Christian perspective for students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. Founded in 1978, our school is part of a consortium of schools with headquarters near Philadelphia, PA. Our curriculum closely follows what has been developed through our central Office of Education. We also account for the local needs of students by aligning our curriculum as much as possible with the academic standards of the Rochester Community School District so that students are well prepared for a transition upon graduating from Oak Arbor. Our curriculum is designed to… 

  • provide a firm foundation for life-long spiritual growth
  • align with national and state academic standards
  • equip our students for further education at other public and private schools

Our experience has shown that the well-rounded combination of our strong academic curriculum, highly dedicated, professional teachers and our small classes gives our students the tools they need to perform at a very high level in both our school and others to which they transfer. Please see our testimonials from alumni who transferred to other local schools.

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Bible Study/Religion Literacy, English, Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Physical Education The Arts Ongoing Curriculum Development