Educational Philosophy

"You shall teach them diligently." - Deuteronomy 6:7
"All education is an opening of the way to the Lord."  - Emanuel Swedenborg

Our philosophy of education supports our core purpose - to provide a distinctive academic, moral and spiritual environment in which students learn to lead a principled and useful life.

To fulfill this purpose, our educational philosophy is that students thrive and succeed when they experience a well-rounded education which integrates strong academics, character development and a healthy spiritual life.

We implement this philosophical approach through a distinctive curriculum harmonizing the principles and practices of two sources:

  • The wealth of information and materials from the public sector
  • The spiritual guidance of the Bible and the teachings of the New Church

By employing many of the current educational studies, methods, texts, and materials that are part of the local public school system in the context of our Christian perspective, we provide an educational experience with depth, breadth and meaning. 

Three things that make Oak Arbor School exceptional:

Love of Learning   Development of Imagination & Creative Thinking Experiential learning beyond the classroom