oak arbor school


“Let the little children come to Me and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

We are now accepting new Pre-School students

Tour the Pre-School

Tuesdays are a drop in day- we invite you to stop by the school on Tuesdays between 8:45 and12:00 to visit the school and meet the teachers and visit the classroom.

or Call to schedule a tour and meet the teacher   248-652-3420

At the Oak Arbor School, we believe that parents are entrusted by God with their child’s education and that the school should be an extension of the home.  This means that the values of the home are reinforced in the school environment.  We welcome parents who value childhood innocence and Christian values to consider our preschool program.

As a first step away from home, the Oak Arbor Preschool will provide a safe and loving environment for creative and structured play.

Children will start each day with a focus on the Lord and His creation.  Through listening to a Bible story every morning, the tone will be set for a happy and positive day of fun and learning.

Activities will include hands on learning and large motor skill activities, such as the sand table, and play dough.  Small motor skills will be enhanced with painting, coloring and cutting. 

Literacy will be enhanced by story time, often with the older students of the Oak Arbor School and letter recognition activities.

Life skills will be reinforced as sharing and being kind to others is fostered in the children’s play and daily activities.

Pre-School Admisions

The admissions process involves touring the school, meeting the Admissions Director and Preschool Teacher, completing the application and agreeing to the tuition.

Call to schedule a tour and meet the teachers   248-652-3420