Parents' Role

Our ability as a school to successfully educate students entrusted to our care rests in large part on the measure of agreement between home and school. If parents and teachers share a commitment to our core purpose and core values, we'll build up our children together on a strong foundation! The following guidelines are designed to articulate the school's expectations of parents and to provide parents with an opportunity to express their solidarity with them.

  • Nurture and provide a Christian atmosphere in the home, which is the most vital influence in a child's daily life
  • Worship regularly as a family by bringing the Lord to mind through conversation, prayer and in other ways at home, and by attending public services of worship
  • Encourage each child to follow teachers' instructions and to follow the school rules promptly and cheerfully
  • Cooperate with and uphold the staff in their efforts to teach students self-discipline as well as in their appropriate disciplinary actions
  • Go directly to the teacher in a thoughtful, Christian manner if questions or concerns arise
  • Take an active role in seeing that each child completes his/her assigned homework, and provide appropriate places and opportunities for completing the tasks