Staff's Role

Our ability as a school to successfully educate students entrusted to our care rests in large part on the measure of agreement between home and school. If parents and teachers share a commitment to our core purpose and core values, we'll build up our children together on a strong foundation! The following guidelines articulate our basic aims. We encourage parents to express their solidarity with them.

The staff of Oak Arbor School believes that children are best served by an education that...

  • is distinctively Christian - based on the Lord's Word and the teachings of our church
  • openly leads towards faith in the Lord, love for Him and for our neighbor, and a useful life in human society based on that faith and love
  • teaches secular subjects in the light of the Lord's Word
  • involves the whole person - spiritual, mental, social, emotional, physical
  • maintains an environment that is safe on all levels - mind, heart and life
  • offers the opportunity of daily peer-fellowship and school activities experienced in a religiously supportive environment
  • is directed by teachers with specialized, faith-based educational background and training
  • tailors the educational program, as much as possible, to the specific needs of each child
  • promotes high standards of behavior, courtesy, charity, and respect for others and their property
  • maintains a hospitable environment which encourages a high level of communication
  • partners with parents to develop healthy attitudes, habits, and skills in students
  • helps your child's educational experience be as complete, enjoyable, and fulfilling as possible