oak arbor school

Students' Role

Here are some general guidelines for student behavior at Oak Arbor School. Specific classrooms often have unique expectations accommodated to the needs of the students and teachers.

Students are expected to:

  • Maintain a courteous, respectful, and cooperative attitude, exercising restraint, and forgiving freely
    • Talk to and treat one another in a respectful manner
    • Observe common rules of courtesy
  • Work responsibly and independently in the classroom without distracting others
  • Share, take turns, love and serve one another; refrain from teasing, bad language, pushing, pulling, and fighting while at work, or play
  • Respect the school's and other individuals' property
    • Use equipment only for its intended purpose
    • Keep desks and cubbies clean and in reasonable order
    • Put things away when finished using them
  • Be punctual and regular in attendance and in all assigned work. (Illness, medical appointments, family emergencies, family trips, etc. may be acceptable reasons for absence. Whenever possible, these absences should be prearranged.)
  • Remain in school during the entire school day unless permission to leave is arranged with school personnel
  • When ill, remain at home until temperature has returned to normal for a period of 24 hours and/or all signs of contagion are gone. School work during absence is to be completed while student is at home
  • Walk quietly in the building
  • Adjust the volume of your voice and activities according to the needs in various parts of the building
  • Come and go from area to area in an orderly and respectful manner
  • Abide by the school dress code