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I have kids in the younger grades at Oak Arbor School.  

My kids love to go to school, and I see regular evidence of what they are learning. I appreciate the spiritual lessons about life that they are learning, too, as well as the daily skills. The parent-teacher communication is better than I have ever seen at another school. The teachers really care about what they are doing. Oak Arbor also uses its small size to its advantage. For example, how many middle schools can manage to finish up a science unit by going to the Grand Canyon to actually investigate what the students have been learning?  

I would be happy to talk with you further about Oak Arbor.  Kim


I have three students at Oak Arbor School - in Pre-Kindergarten, second grade and fourth grade.

One of the things I especially value is the spiritual element that is taught alongside the academic subjects. My children like going to school, where they are nurtured in an encouraging and positive environment. The teachers strive to know my children well. They work alongside my husband and me to identify our childrens' strengths and weaknesses, to ensure their success in all areas of life.

I would be happy to talk with you about my children's experience at Oak Arbor.  Liane


Mother of one Oak Arbor 7th grader and two 8th grade graduates.

The Oak Arbor School has done a wonderful job of educating our three children. Our Freshman and Junior sons tested easily into the Honors English program at our local high school and they are currently both on the Honor Roll. I have no doubt that with the solid academic base and discipline our 7th grader is being taught, our daughter will be every bit as successful.

The goal of any education should ultimately be to prepare people for life beyond formal education. Oak Arbor gives our young people a solid academic and moral foundation, all taught in the light of the Lord and His Word. What better way to Prepare for life!

Feel free to contact me any time with questions about our experience with Oak Arbor School and the transition to high school.

Amy and Paul

Our 3 children are current students at Oak Arbor (7th grade, 5th grade and 2nd grade) 

We value the close, personal and caring learning atmosphere the school presents.  The smaller class sizes and close personal relationships among teachers and students help our 3 boys feel very comfortable, confident and connected with their learning. Our children not only learn traditional academic material, but also receive daily messages of the Lord's love.  The combination of academic and spiritual development that Oak Arbor provides is a seed that will blossom as our children move ahead with their education.

We would be happy to talk with you about our children's experience at Oak Arbor!  Amy and Paul


Mother of four Oak Arbor students (grades 2,4,5 & 7) and one 8th grade graduate.

We have six kids. The youngest is still at home, four are at Oak Arbor and one is a tenth grader at Stoney Creek. We are so grateful for the loving attention each of our children receives here. Not only are the teachers willing to carefully craft the academics to meet each child's needs, they care about their emotional and spiritual development too. The Lord and His Word are central to everything they do.

When our oldest child started at Stoney Creek, we were a bit nervous about how it would go for him. Several of his new teachers said, "You can tell he is an Oak Arbor kid." When I asked what they meant, they said he respects adults, works hard, wants to learn, and is willing to participate in class. We also think that his being able to take honors English and Accelerated Math is due to the great teachers he had at Oak Arbor. His grades have been great.

Another thing we love about Oak Arbor is the affirmative caring support of the other parents. No child is perfect and when one of ours has done something thoughtless, I have been very touched by the willingness of the other parents to gently catch them and set them back on their feet. We aren't all the same, but there are strong common values.

I would love the chance to chat about Oak Arbor. Obviously we have had kids in every classroom in the building more than once! I wish you every blessing in your search for a school for your child.  Bryn


Father of two Oak Arbor students (Kindergarten & 2nd grade)

Having gone to the Oak Arbor School myself as a child, I knew the personal attention, the nurturing and spiritual environment, and the ability of the staff to adapt to my needs and challenge my educational growth. In fact, I was so well prepared academically that it was easy to step into advanced classes in public school later on.

Over the years, I've watched the school mature, developing better tools and facilities while maintaining that intimate touch. I considered it such an important foundation to my life that I wanted the same for my two sons, who are now both thriving in the school. Not only are they both learning in leaps and bounds, but I love having them come home and explain Bible stories to me or sing me religious songs just because they enjoy it. Such important seeds are being planted, and it's helped me to connect on a deeper level with both boys.

If you have any questions about my experience with Oak Arbor, please drop me a note and I'll be glad to respond. Steve


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